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typesoffigures Different Types of Figures

There are many different types of figures that you can collect, they range in price, type, size and quality. Sometimes when you are just getting into the world of collecting figures this can be very confusing and a difficult task to decide which type suits you. So we have made a short guide about the different types of anime figures you can collect.

figma Different Types of Figures


Max Factory produce these figures and there are a lot of them to collect. They tend to be associated with action figures due to the fact they have joints and are highly poseable. Other qualities are:

  • They normally come with a wide range of accessories
  • They have faces which you can change for different expressions
  • They are interchangeable with the accessories they come with and sometimes other figma parts
  • They are around fourteen centimetres in height, sometimes slightly taller or shorter
  • They come with a flexible base for displaying

Price range: £15 to £50

nendoroid Different Types of Figures


Good Smile Company created this type of figure and they are similar to the figma range, due to their joints and removable parts. Other qualities are:

  • Small but cute
  • Different faces ranging in expression
  • Interchangeable with the accessories they come with and sometimes other Nendoroid parts
  • Poseability is limited compared to figma due to the size
  • They have large heads and small bodies, which is similar to Chibi style

Price range: £15 to £50

pvc Different Types of Figures

Scaled PVC figures

A wide range of companies produce scaled pvc figures. From 1/8 to 1 / 4 representing the size of the figure compared to the character. So 1 /4 is four times smaller than the real character. Other qualities are:

  • Normally no construction is required
  • Very beautiful
  • A lot of detail
  • Dynamic poses which sometimes come with changeable parts to alter the figures pose, expression and clothing
  • The quality is normally fantastic

cast off pvc Different Types of Figures

Cast off PVC figures

These are the same as the PVC figures, however they have items of clothing which can be removed to reveal various parts of the body or undergarments. They also sometimes come with different changeable parts. They can be very erotic but generally it depends on the figure.

Price range: £25 to £180+

gashapon Different Types of Figures


These are collectable trading figures which you get from machines (capsule toys). They are called gashapon because it is the noise it makes when you turn the machines handle and the capsule ball drops. Other qualities:

  • Released normally in sets
  • Sometimes require assembly
  • Low in price
  • Can be traded with friends
  • Small in size

Sometimes they also come in blind boxes which are the same thing but inside a small box instead of a machine.

Price range: £2 to £3 sometimes if you buy a full collection £10+

Hopefully this guide helps you in knowing some of the various types of figures out there. Happy figure buying!


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7 thoughts on “Different Types of Figures

  1. A useful guide ^_^
    I knew this already but it’s helpful for people new to this

  2. Nice guide. There’s a similar line to Figma called Revoltech. I like them. Oh and if Nendoroids are a little too big, there is always the Petite Nendoroids, about 3cm in height! They are really cute. (^_^)

    • Not got a Revoltech yet, its nice to here someone likes them; gives me more confidence in getting a Revoltech.

      Petite Nendoroids are very cute indeed :)

      • I find the joints are nicer on Revoltech compared with Figma. I found that some Figma models had sloppy joints. Could be I picked up a bad one though.

        Kotobukiya do a few really nice models. The Hoi Hoi San range of self-assembly models are brilliant. I’m saving up to buy some as they are so funny and cute.

        Seeing as you seem to really love models, there is a huge sale going on here in Japan right now on some large and detailed figures of Fate Testarossa from Nanoha. Up to 58% off! So what should be ¥12,000 can now be bought for less than ¥6000.

        • I think the Hoi Hoi San range looks really cute too. I don’t have to many figma but have been disappointed with a few.

          I really do love figures, that sale sounds awesome I wish I was in Japan right now >.<

  3. It’s a bit tough in Japan right now, electricity cutback and all…summers here are HOT and with A/C being restricted…it’s tough going…

    If you need help with buying figures, just drop me a mail or something. (^_^)/

    • Yeah my penpal has mentioned its HOT >.< and tough at the moment.
      I am very happy that I can contact you ^_^ if I need to some figures are just very hard to find.

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