Who is Super Sonico?


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supersonicowho Who is Super Sonico?

supersonico2 Who is Super Sonico?You may have seen Super Sonico popping up in our news and figure posts for a while now. But it’s not easy to tell – just who is this Super Sonico character anyway and why does she have so many fans? We took the time out to explore the reasoning behind Super Sonico and just what makes her so popular.

In short, Super Sonico is the mascot for Nitroplus Company‘s yearly music festival named, Nitro Super Sonico. Nitroplus make visual novel games which require the player to move through a fictional story with static images. Choosing their own fate they require little actual game-play and act more like a Choose Your Own Adventure book than an RPG.

Nitroplus’ main focus are these visual novel games. But since 2000 have produced their music festival every year running. It was only in 2007 did they introduce Super Sonico, their pink-haired buxom mascot. Her curvaceous look certainly helped her on her way to fandom. Many artists took to depicting her in their own manner.



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Soni-Ani: Super Sonico the Animation

First airing in 2014, Super Sonico now has her very own anime, depicting our favourite musical heroine’s daily antics. The anime series is fit with an opening theme ’Beat goes on!’ by Ayano Yamamoto (as Super Sonico) and a closing theme ’LOVE THE WORLD’ and ‘Sky Love Hurricane’ by First Cosmic Velocity.

Super Sonico Figures and merchandise

After gaining such popularity in Japan, it seems Sonico has managed to squeeze her way into the UK and into our hearts. Numerous figures and merchandise products have been created for Sonico.

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Super Sonico Games:

Not only has Sonico got a plethora of merchandise dedicated to her, she also has appeared in a variety of games. The first of which is a game solely based on herself entitled SoniComi. SoniComi is a visual novel style game where the user tries to court Sonico while filming and taking photographs of her.


Sonico has also appeared in Super Heroine Chronicle. An RPG which hosts a variety of well-known anime characters including Sonico. Not yet set for a release date. The game also features characters such as, Tabane Shinonono from Infinite Stratos and Red Angel and Blue Angel from Twin Angel Read.


So what do you think of Sonico? Let us know in the comment section below.

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41 thoughts on “Who is Super Sonico?

  1. There’s also a headset thing going on, which is just as much a factor, if not moreso among certain otaku, as her buxom figure.

  2. So people have a headset fetish? Never knew; you learn something new each day. Whatever, Nitro+ is all about the VN.

    • I love the headset thing but I thing its more of a thing for people who’s life revolves around music.
      Like my two favorite things in life are

      • This. Since my favorite thing in life is music, I pretty much fall in love with any character with a headset.

        Case in point: Elesa from Pokemon Black/White

  3. sonico seems pretty cool the thing i don’t understand is how come shes related with so much porn O.O every time i see something with her its kinda tht which is strange…

    • Yes, she does have certain appeal to her. A lot of her promotional images are revealing – the Japanese do it with a lot of their characters.

  4. So when does this game come to sell? Where can I get it?

  5. Hentai Super Sonico ftw!

  6. Is she only a mascot or is she a fanmade vocaloid? Please help me clear this up. X(

  7. I want to know the singer, that’s all i care about. Her voice is beautiful and if she ain’t a vocaloid, then i want to know her real name so i can hear more from her.

  8. I want to have her figurines… :D

    • Jlist.com sells some figures, but the cheapest looks to be $75US and that’s not counting shipping. Amazon may have some cheaper if any are out there or you could go to Japan. She is probably everywhere there.

  9. Forgot to add that there is some NSFW stuff on JList. You’ve been warned. I believe there is an all ages version, but the URL slips my mind atm.

  10. Hot as hell! I just bought a sexy mouse pad with her on it. and her breast is tanding out and is made of silicon

  11. Long have I wondered what the source was for this incredibly cute girl was. I was wondering if it was an anime, actually, so I could watch it. Oh well, it’s good to know she at least didn’t start OUT as a porn character. The headphones and her face team up and make me adore her long before my eyes reach her body… And that’s as easy on the eyes as it gets. So all in all, I wish she was real.

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  13. Make an anime about her!

  14. I'm making a manga eny comments pple please I'm out of ideas.
    im on facebook and will soon be on youtune.

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  16. Sonico, wear your damn clothes instead of a sports bra, will you? You're a mascot, not a porn star. > <

  17. I think it'd be so much better if Super Sonico is a Lesbian.

  18. Make her an vocaloid!

  19. I wish it was an anime.

  20. I wish it was an anime.

  21. Well. Here's another reason to finish learning Japanese.

  22. She's going to be in a game called Super Heroine Chronicle with Dejiko from Di Gi Charat.

  23. But there's Megurine Luka already…… they look far too similar to each other in my opinion..

  24. Wait is this an anime? O.o tell me please if you know.

  25. there is a anime that will be released with her in it!i dont know the air date tho

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