Cherry Tree High Comedy Club Review


cherrytree Cherry Tree High Comedy Club Review

Miley Verisse is your average high school student with a twist. She likes to hang out with friends and is particularly a fan of comedy – so much so she decides to set up a comedy club. The only problem is, she needs more members!

cherry2 Cherry Tree High Comedy Club ReviewHer school rules require a minimum of five students to set up a club and so far she only has her and her roommate signed up. Miley has until the end of April to recruit three more members or fail.

The aim of the game is obvious – to recruit at least three more members to complete your club by April. To do this you are required to meet new people in your town and get to know them by chatting with different conversation topics. The more you get to know them, the more likely they are to join your club.

Conversation topics include fashion, politics and pets. You are able to read magazines and books to get more skill points in these topics and this in turn with gain you relationship points with your targets. Additionally you have to keep up with homework and earn money to pay for food and said magazines/books.

The game gets a little repetitive when each day is spent chatting to your numerous friends, trying to recruit them to your club. However, things start to get a little more interesting when you find yourself ‘getting closer’ to your targets which triggers cut sequences. It’s these sequences which make the game a little more interesting and add an extra dimension to a pretty static game.

You move around the game with a sprite version of Miley, the graphics are pretty good and act like a platform game. To talk to passers by, you simply press the space bar. While talking to civilians images of them pop up, visual novel style. The style of these are great – giving the player a real anime feel, though on many occasions the graphics are lazy. Characters are flipped to different sides of the screen when talking, but instead of paying attention to detail and also flipping graphics on their t-shirts, said graphics are backwards.

cherry3 Cherry Tree High Comedy Club Review

cherry4 Cherry Tree High Comedy Club Review

When triggering specific events, sometimes these do not seem to register when in sprite mode. For example, when a certain character informed me they would not join the club in cut sequence mode(this may vary depending on the player) this didn’t seem to register for the rest of the game in sprite mode.

The overall feel of the game is good, the graphics are funky and you generally know what to expect from the description. You wont be getting any life-changing gaming here but it is addictive and relaxing to play. For only £5.39 on Steam, honestly it’s not bad for somebody who is looking for a simple game with some cute girls thrown in.

Steam Release date: November 8th
Format: PC (Windows) download
Price: £5.49
DRM: None
Published on Steam (<- you can play a demo at this link)

6 stars1 Cherry Tree High Comedy Club Review

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