Figure Themes: Holiday


figurethemeholiday Figure Themes: Holiday

Taking figures on holiday can be a hard decision as it means you have to look after them and of course, more baggage. However, I love taking figures away with me and since I was going to the Andorra, I decided that Queen’s Blade Reina would look pretty awesome surrounded by mountains. Of course I had a Noumi Kudryavka figure and a doll, Chisa who has become my travel mascot.

It’s a great excuse to take figure photographs and even makes you pay more attention the scenery for backgrounds. If it’s new scenery, unlike home it can be a fun challenge but what do you think? Do you take figures or dolls on holiday and enjoy taking photos? Please leave us a comment in the section below.

IMG 0596 293x500 Figure Themes: Holiday IMG 0636 323x500 Figure Themes: Holiday


IMG 0623 Figure Themes: Holiday

IMG 0628 Figure Themes: Holiday

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