Trigun Movie: Badlands Rumble Review


trigun5 Trigun Movie: Badlands Rumble Review

20 years ago our well-known hero Vash the Stampede saved the criminal Gasback from his own henchmen while foiling his heist. Now, Gasback is… back and is seeking out his former gang members to claim revenge.

trigun2 Trigun Movie: Badlands Rumble ReviewWith a 300 million double-dollar prize on his head, bounty hunters from all over gather to claim their slice of the cash. As usual, Vash finds himself in the middle of the action as he takes to admiring one of the female bounty hunters Amelia, who has a personal grudge with Gasback.

Trigun: Badlands Rumble is interesting, released two years after the original series finished, the overall feel of the film still adheres to the original but with a modern twist. Obviously the animation is top notch, with a film-sized budget behind it, Bandlands has some great action sequences and special effects. Though with all this new technology the original style of the show stays, lanky characters with defined faces grace our screens and even the CGI seems to blend well.

Badlands Rumble has that sci-fi-western feel to it which always bodes well for anime. The big groups of bounty hunters all have cyborg-like additions to their bodies where they were once injured. These ailments help to distinguish who the bounty hunters are, not to mention the fact that they look pretty cool wearing them.

The fight scenes are very over the top. The characters – especially Gasback – always manage to create a cloud of destruction as they go about their fights. This destruction is so over the top it seems comical – and it is meant to be. Houses get torn apart and characters get blown up but never die. It is only when the odd gruesome scene shows itself do we realise that it is not all fun and games.

trigun3 Trigun Movie: Badlands Rumble Review

trigun4 Trigun Movie: Badlands Rumble Review

Vash is one of those characters you are not likely to forget and his inclusion in Badlands is excellent. Vash makes a note to not take everything seriously, he is very relaxed and likes to have fun but when it comes down to it, his skill is unmatched. It is this sort of character which makes series and films like Trigun stand out as classics.

Badlands Rumble is an excellent film, it is entertaining, funny and keeps the pace up. If you have never watched any of the Trigun series then you may be confused at the start. There is no introduction and no set up, but once the film gets going, that really doesn’t seem to matter. With a healthy extra disk of extras and a free poster, who can say no to this great anime release?

trigundvd Trigun Movie: Badlands Rumble ReviewLabel: Manga Entertainment
Release Date: 12th Novemeber
Release Type: DVD
Certificate: TBC


7 stars Trigun Movie: Badlands Rumble Review

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