Halloween Japan Underground: Budo Grape, Ken Kobayashi


halloweenjapanunderground Halloween Japan Underground: Budo Grape, Ken Kobayashi

Japan Underground VS. NEO Magazine came back for one night of fantastic twist on sounds from from the East. Combining the rock, metal and punk of Japan Underground, with the pop culture fun of NEO Magazine made it was an unusual night mixed with Halloween Cosplay!

Running straight from the MCM expo to the Bloomsbury Bowling lanes, attendees got to enjoy some Brit pop combined with sounds of the East. Ken Kobayashi used traditional Japanese sounds mixed with Bossa Nova, Kraut Rock and Brit Pop twists.

budo Halloween Japan Underground: Budo Grape, Ken Kobayashi

Budo Grape brought the crowd in electric fits of energy with their catchy, avant-garde pop sound. With a B-52′s style of sound, the band had the crowd including Ken jumping in unison!

But that’s not all, we had the nice J-Pop beats playing in the background by DJ Tom and even a snack stall on site. Sushinoms.com had a range of sugary treats to keep everyone’s energy levels high, check out their luxury range of Kit Kats and Pocky. A great event as per usual with a great mix of people learning about different music and coming together to enjoy a lighthearted night of green tea Kit Kats and fun.

ken Halloween Japan Underground: Budo Grape, Ken Kobayashi

Ken Kobayashi

Ken Kobayashi is a singer, songwriter and a producer based in London. Ken was born in London in 1988 between a German father and a Japanese mother. Spending childhood in Tokyo, Berlin and London, Ken was exposed to a wide range of range of music genres and movements. Ken started writing songs when he learnt to play the guitar at the age of 16. In 2009, He released his debut album “My Big Foot Over the Sky”.

Dress classy, dance cheesy. Budo Grape’s myspace: http://www.myspace.com/budogrape

Ken Kobayashi’s HP: http://www.kenkobayashi.com/

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/kenkobayashi

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