Sci-Fi Anime All Nighter Success!


sci fiallnight Sci Fi Anime All Nighter Success!

anna Sci Fi Anime All Nighter Success!SCI-FI-LONDON’s notorious anime night causes a stir at Stratford Picturehouse with five amazing new movies. Your chance to see some amazing and bizarre tales before normal release all night- running the same time as the original Sci-fi Fest!

The anime movie lineup was as follows: Journey to Agartha – The Children Who Chase Lost Voices, Tales of Vesperia, Tiger and Bunny: The Beginning, GYO, and Gintama the Movie.

For £25 pounds we were getting a bargain, £5 a movie, free tea and coffee at the intervals, free ice cream, a goody bag (which included DVDs, books and a free breakfast coupon) and even show off our Manga skills on the wall outside!

journey Sci Fi Anime All Nighter Success!

Journey to Agartha – The Children Who Chase Lost Voices

I instantly liked the art and feel of this anime, it reminded me of Studio Ghibli and I recommend to anyone interested in mythology, adventure and cute animals. It’s all about a girl coping with the loss of her father and new friend going into the realms of resurrection.

tales Sci Fi Anime All Nighter Success!

Tales of Vesperia

Hardcore RPG gamers would recognise this title instantly as Namco Bandai’s spin off movie from the Tales of games series. The movie is a prequel to the game and gives us back-story on the two main protagonists of how they were in the military and parted ways with even the dog!

tiger Sci Fi Anime All Nighter Success!

Tiger and Bunny: The Beginning

There’s been a lot of buzz about this title on the internet and so I was pleased it was on the list. Select citizens are born with a genetic mutation (I promise it’s not a rip of X-Men) and these people either hide their power or flaunt it…on TV! They have their own persona and are endorsed by companies to be superheroes and get paid to save people. A great comedy with slick art and special effects.

gyo Sci Fi Anime All Nighter Success!


Released a few years ago, this anime is featured in fright fests because of its J-horror genre but trust me there is much more to this anime. We follow a group of girls, whose holiday is cut short and ruined by killer sharks. Intrigued? Watch it! A uproar on Japan as people are being killed, transformed into rotting fish and fleeing. But why do these fish have steel legs? Can’t be natural.

gin Sci Fi Anime All Nighter Success!

Gintama the Movie

It’s around 7am when Gintama started, my spirit was weighing but some slap stick humour and melo dramatic fight scenes woke me up. Samurai adventures of Gintama and his friends with a great rock soundtrack!

This anime all nighter was value for money and a great night out with friends and preview of new anime. I recommend you follow them on FB : http://www.facebook.com/scifilondon

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2 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Anime All Nighter Success!

  1. Totally should’ve gone to this; the line-up here’s a hell of a lot better than what I saw back in 2010 and a lot cheaper!

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