SEGA’s AM2 Fighting Titles Three Game Bundle Review


segaam2 SEGAs AM2 Fighting Titles Three Game Bundle Review

Three classic virtual fighting games made by SEGA and developed by the AM2 team, also responsible for After Burner II and Out Run, have been recently released on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade and are ready to be downloaded.

As kids these games quickly burnt up all our pocket money but that didn’t stop us coming back next week to take on the notoriously difficult ‘Stage Five Boss’. So with all three games steeped in arcade gaming history, what new features have been added and how do the games fare on the big screen?

Virtua Fighter 2

virtuafighters SEGAs AM2 Fighting Titles Three Game Bundle Review

Released in 1994, Virtua Fighter 2 is a real classic fighting game which brought 3D graphics to the arcades and was ground breaking at the time. The title was an instant hit with the fans and became one of the main titles for the SEGA Saturn when it was released on the console back in 1995. Still today the game is popular with a loyal group of fans who still remember and love playing the game before so the opportunity to own it on the PSN or XLA shouldn’t be missed! For first time players prepare to experience a real classic game that comes complete with weird floating jumps and some of the hardest combos to pull off in a fighting game. If you can get it right though… it’s good fun!

Sonic the Fighters

sonicfighters SEGAs AM2 Fighting Titles Three Game Bundle Review

Arriving in arcades in 1996, it offered players at the time their first opportunity to pit characters from over SEGA’s Sonic the Hedgehog games against each other – including Tails, Knuckles, Amy and of course, Sonic. The story behind the single player is that you must fight against eight different opponents in order to collect the chaos emeralds before flying off into outer space to fight against Metal Sonic and Dr. Robotnik. In single player, even on ‘normal’ difficulty setting this game is punishing and is a real test of skill, nerve and sheer determination in the end. Thank goodness there’s no money getting charged in game. It’s colourful, full of memorable retro tunes and with those early 90s graphics – what’s there not to love about this arcade classic with some of our favourite characters?

Fighting Vipers

fightingvipers SEGAs AM2 Fighting Titles Three Game Bundle Review

The final one to be released in the arcades and on the SEGA Saturn is this title and it introduced a whole new concept to virtual fighting games – destructible armour. A real quick game to pick up and learn, with easy combos, it’s a real enjoyable treat. There’s not much more satisfying than the thrill that you might just beat up your opponent so hard it sends their armour flying off and they end up shooting out the arena’s walls! It’s reasonably quick to complete, and with the difficulty spikes not as intense as with the two above games, it gives you a well spent thirty minutes trying to complete the solo campaign. With 9 levels to go through there’s a decent challenge on offer.

Quick to learn, easy to pick up and more refined graphics – a personal favourite of mine from the three released games.

Extra Features & Tips

With all three of the games using the retro buttons of ‘P’, ‘K’ and ‘B’ I recommend firstly familiarising yourself with the controls beforehand otherwise you’ll be button bashing and hoping – like I did the first few times playing. When you’ve completed the solo campaign and your friends no longer want to play with you – you can now play against others over the world online through the multiplayer options, and there are various achievements that can be unlocked. But before you get online… practice and become a virtual fighting master or you’ll be on the canvas in no time.


PlayStation Network:

November 27th (North America) - $4.99 (each)

December 5th (Europe) - £3.69/€4.49 (each)

Xbox Live Arcade:

November 28th – 400 Microsoft Points (each)

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