Bleach Series 10 Part 2 Review


bleachdvd Bleach Series 10 Part 2 Review





Label: Manga Entertainment
Certificate: TBC
Release Date: 11th March 2013
Release Type: DVD

bleach1 Bleach Series 10 Part 2 Review

We return to Bleach where captain Kenpachi Zaraki is in an intense battle with Espada number five, Nnoitra (eyepatch) Gilga. As Nnoitra takes off Kenpachi’s eyepatch mid battle, it releases his true strength – forcing the Espada to take his final form. With a massive battle impending, who will come out victorious?

The first episode of this box set recaps the previous one and introduces us to the end of this story arc. In this sense it’s a bit of a tease, because straight after this we are given two episodes of filler as we are brought back to the -rather boring- story of Lady Rurichiyo and her royal position. Is these episodes she attempts to set up a Kemari (a game much like football) tournament. These two episodes are very mundane and uninteresting, a distraction from the plot.

aizen Bleach Series 10 Part 2 Review

After said episodes, we are introduced to a new story arc – that of the Soul Reapers’ past. This arc links into the current Wako Mundo arc, so in an effort to explain the latter, this arc is placed just before the ultimate climax. The Past arc is a breath of fresh air. Although it completely takes away from the current story line, it is hugely rewarding to see into the past of the Soul Reapers we know and love. Particularly Urahara, who is – in my opinion – one of the most mysterious and interesting characters in the whole Bleach franchise.

urahara Bleach Series 10 Part 2 Review

This arc could easily be a whole series in itself, instead it’s a handful of episodes long. A shame, as the character interaction is a welcome break from the power-filled battle scenes and long conversations we are used to from more up to date series.

Because Bleach has a fantasy-esque setting it allows for pretty much anything to happen. For this reason, sometimes points in the plot seem a little farfetched. Seemingly large encounters and goings on are given a matter of fact explanation, when really they have been shoe-horned into the story line to allow for other situations to make sense. Obviously I am dancing around the point here to avoid spoilers, but let’s just say – something gets moved.

vizard Bleach Series 10 Part 2 Review

Although this box set doesn’t really address the current story arc, it does offer a better insite into some of our favourite characters, ones that have just been touched on in the past and allows for us to have a better understanding of the Soul Society. None of the goings on in The Past arc seem like they are forced, rather that they have been there since the beginning and are only now being revealed to us.

For this reason, Bleach Series 10 Part 2 is worth buying to see some of your favourite characters develop – even if it is a little backwards.

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