Dragon Ball Z Complete Season Six Review


dragon ball z Dragon Ball Z Complete Season Six Review
We pick up Dragon Ball Z Season Six right at the start of the Cell Games. Cell plans to prove himself to the world and announces on television (how they let him on there I will never know) that his tournament will be starting soon. Meanwhile all our favourite fighting characters prepare themselves for the battle, whether this is in the infamous hyperbolic time chamber, or simply bulking up.

It appears that on a scale of power, Cell significantly outweighs all of our fighters’, even Goku. Though of course, once Goku is finished sizing Cell up, it seems he has a hidden gem up his sleeve.

gohan Dragon Ball Z Complete Season Six Review

After the inevitable build up from the previous series, there is a need for some cool down. This lasts about 7-8 episodes, where the characters train, reminisce about childhoods and go out into the general public.  Although these episodes are obvious filler for the series, they do lend a hand at developing the characters’ personalities. We are given a deeper incite into their lives, rather than just watching them struggle in battle.

A problem arises when Cell is on Earth. Many innocent lives are lost as he destroys anybody who stands in his way. To counteract this, Goku decides to ask the Nameks to lend a hand. Dende steps up to the plate, comes to Earth, creates a new dragon and a new set of Dragon Balls. Although this allows for the story to progress, it does seem a little convenient and makes you wonder why they never did this before.

It takes a good while for the Cell Games to start up and when they finally do, Goku steps in second. Of course we all know what this means – he will lose. Nobody in their right mind would think that after watching ALL the characters train, we would have one battle with Goku and it’s all over. This is where Dragon Ball Z falls short. It’s exceedingly predictable, but that’s coming from somebody who has grown up. As a child this was very exciting, the cliff hangers pulled you in every episode and we even missed dinner to watch it.

cell Dragon Ball Z Complete Season Six Review

Sadly, now it’s just a bit of nostalgia. Our brains are used to more complex story lines, higher quality animation and more robust characters. Having said that, not much beats the constant levelling up, shouting and reaction speeds of our well-loved characters. This series is worth a watch, just for the back story and character development. Of course the tournament is an interesting idea and provides some fantastic fight sequences, but it gets little stale.

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