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narutodvd Naruto Shippuden Box 12 Review





Label: Manga Entertainment
Certificate: 15
Release Date: 18th March 2013
Release Type: DVD and Blu-ray

naruto1 Naruto Shippuden Box 12 Review

Sasuke has been weakened in his previous battle and returns to the Akatsuki hideout to hear the history of the Uchiha Clan from Madra. At the same time, Kakashi and Naruto take a side step on their mission to find Sasuke, and prepare to undergo another mission – that of protecting a young girl who obtains a mysterious forbidden jutsu.

We start this box set off from Sasuke’s point of view. A couple of episodes are dedicated to teaching him about the Uchiha Clan history and his brother’s past. Although this explanation goes on for quite a while, it definitely contains some much needed information and is a very rewarding experience for fans of the series.

6tails1 Naruto Shippuden Box 12 Review

We then stay with Sasuke as he travels to capture the host of the eight tailed beast known as Killer B. Thankfully, the fight sequences between the two is unpredictable and difficult for both parties. The only disappointment here is that Killer B is quite frankly one of the most annoying characters you will ever come across. He sees himself as some sort of rapping fighter and is constantly spurting out half-asked rhymes while talking to his enemies. That’s one way to anger them I suppose!

This focus on Sasuke is a welcome break and allows for some very interesting scenes where our rogue ninja battles with his emotions and the ‘good guys’. However, it’s not long until we go back to Naruto and co – where their plot is a sort of filler arc. Most of the box set concentrates on said filler, and although it contributes to the overall story – it is never easy to sit through something that does not peak your interest.

naruto2 Naruto Shippuden Box 12 Review naruto3 Naruto Shippuden Box 12 Review

The animation throughout is disappointing, for a series going on this long and with plenty of fans, you would have thought the animators would spend longer putting more details into their scenes. There is a severe lack of shading throughout the box set and it’s only when things get slow and emotional that they seem to put effort in.

This box set may not be the most exciting of the current series, but the start is certainly rewarding as far as the overal plot goes. We are given a better incite into some of the vessels for the other tailed beasts and the story does progress but the animation really lets it down. Of course, a must watch for those following the series, but don’t expect too much to happen.

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