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Label: Manga Entertainment
Certificate: TBC
Release Date: 15th April 2013
Release Type: DVD and Blu-ray

loupsgarous Loups=Garous Review

In a world where a virus wiped out most of the population, the digital scene has taken over. People rely on their home security, are monitored on a daily basis in their home and when they go outside. Never away from technology, citizens live life behind their computer/device screens. We follow Hazuki Makino, a girl with many communication problems, who starts to overcome them when she meets a group of ragtag friends.

In their first encounter, Hazuki is informed of a killer on the loose, one that is murdering children from their school. Fuelled by said information, the group sets out to rescue one of their friends who they believe to be in trouble. Of course this doesn’t end so well and they find themselves hacking into many digital networks and manage to take themselves off the grid.

screen Loups=Garous Review

Although this film has been produced by the makers behind Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex and Blood The Last Vampire, the story is nowhere near as complex and complete. We find ourselves thrust into a half-explained story, in a world which lacks depth.

The back-story could possibly be one of the most important aspects of Loups=Garous but it’s barely given the time of day. For example, in our introduction, we are told that the world was in a state of disrepair, people use screen monitors as their main form of communication and a big brother-like scenario has taken place but on a much grander scale. Sadly this is it, we are given no indication as to why the world has fallen and rested its shoulder on technology.

kidnap Loups=Garous Review

What’s more is that usually an anime focused on a whole world change introduces us to the government, or some sort of higher power to give us perspective. Of course this doesn’t happen. Instead we are only given a high school to look at and many scenes of children pointlessly dancing to a music video which adds nothing to the plot.

Sadly the same goes for the local area around the high school. We see that the place is divided into sectors and this is somewhat interesting, though of course we are only told about two of them. As we are taken to what is described as the ‘most dangerous’ sector in the area, it seems as though the world may be more interesting than we first thought. Sadly though we only see it for a few minutes.

friends Loups=Garous Review

The overal idea has been done before, a world has fallen and now relies on technology, so a group of kids band together to take it down. Don’t believe me? Similar anime include: Code Geass, Ergo Proxy and the recently released Fractale. The only difference is, the aforementioned anime are all series. This is perhaps where Loups=Garous fails. By condensing a vast world and complicated story into 98 minutes they have actually ruined any solidarity they may have had.

I wish I could say something kind about this film but it comes as a struggle. Of course the animation is nice enough. The animators have gone for a simple design and level of detail for the characters and inserted all of their effort into the backgrounds. It may be pleasing to look at, but that doesn’t make up for the lack of a real story.

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