Tiger & Bunny Part 2 Review


Label: Manga Entertainment
Certificate: TBC
Release Date: 22nd April 2013
Release Type: DVD and Blu-ray

tigerandbunny Tiger & Bunny Part 2 Review

Sternbild City is a magnificent metropolis where some of its unlikely inhabitants bear the gift of superpowers by the name of NEXT – which can come in the form of having ice at your fingertips or perhaps even super strength or super speed. This is where Tiger comes in, a tired old superhero veteran who is unwillingly forced to pair up with a young and talented hero known as Bunny. From here they go on to fight crime in an attempt to be crowned the ‘King of Heroes’ on a reality show known as Hero TV.

The second part to this series sees our heros come into contact with a new enemy and a deeper look into Bunny’s past. It is this brush with danger that brings this series of Tiger & Bunny to a close.

heros2 Tiger & Bunny Part 2 Review

Due to the crescendo of the previous part, the beginning of this part gives the viewer a bit of a break from the action. Our heros are attempting to re-gain the trust of the local civilians, which allows for some character development while we wait. This development is focused on one of the lesser-known characters in the superhero group, Origami Cyclone. This choice of focus is not only a surprise, it is also refreshing, dodging the other, almost flat characters.

The animation switches from 2D to 3D seamlessly, allowing for action sequences to be fluid and attractive. Said 3D animation is actually given the 2D treatment so that it blends well, many viewers may not even be able to tell the difference.

heros Tiger & Bunny Part 2 Review

Throughout Tiger & Bunny, one of the main characters makes constant references to other series and films. These references include The Matrix and Scarface. These little additions may not mean much to many viewers, but for those who pick up on these references, it will add a little something extra and proves the writers know their medium.

Within any anime series that focuses on humans with powers, the plot always seems to go the same way. At first the struggle is with fighting the opposition, the ‘bad guys’, but then it always changes and focuses on fighting each other. Tiger & Bunny does just this, which makes it take a predictable turn. Transforming into an X-Men-like situation, the series then stops itself from progressing.

letsbelieve Tiger & Bunny Part 2 Review

Having said this, there are various plots which have not been solved in this series. There are characters that are introduced in the first part which barely get a look in in this one, there are heroes that need to be fleshed out, and there is an underlying feeling that this is not it. Tiger & Bunny could easily go on and go, and so it should. It is a colourful series which has already been immensely popular.

Everybody loves a superhero, and although this part only contains six episodes, you could do a lot worse with some of the other releases this year.

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