May London MCM Comicon: Manga and Anime


London MCM Expo has always been a hub for all things geek, but more recently the convention has focused on film and media and taken a small step back from anime. Of course there is still enough of anime showcased to keep us attending, so read through our anime and manga round-up to see what you may have missed.

mcmanime May London MCM Comicon: Manga and Anime

Manga and Indie Comics

Art Lessons: As usual Letraset offered a variety free manga classes for a wide range of different skillsets. These classes ranged from ones which predominantly focused on colouring and using makers to ones which aimed to teach how to draw movement and different body poses. I attended a lesson taught by Tammy Taylor on the topic of character design. Tammy showed the class how to draw proportionally and how to convey femininity and masculinity in drawings.


Comic Village

This year MCM’s Comic Village was bigger than ever. Wonderfully produced and crafted stickers, prints, badges and indie comics based on a both original and well-known characters were being sold. The village provided as a great opportunity for the general public to discover lesser known artists and meet more renowned ones. From the hilarious People I Know to the deadly serious Twisted Dark, nearly every genre imaginable was on offer.



As usual MCM London provided as an opportunity for the UK’s most prominent anime distributors to announce their upcoming titles for the next two quarters.


Manga UK

Manga announced that they had acclaimed the rights to Attack on Titan – this follows FUNimation’s recent announcement that they had acclaimed the rights to the series in the US. The series follows a human civilzation’s fight against the giant humanoid titans which roam the earth and prey on humanity. The series is currently streaming now on Crunchyroll in the UK.

Manga also announced that they would be releasing Space Battleship Yamato in the UK. The move is a modern adaptation of the hugely popular 1970’s si fi anime series which predominantly focuses on humanity’s fight back against the alien race called the Gamilas.

The distribution company finally announced that they would be releasing Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works movie in August. The movie is based on a hugely popular visual novel which was originally released in 2004. The fantasy movie follows the journey Shirou Emiya takes as he is forced to fight a war over the Holy Grail.



MVM announced that they would be re-releasing the Si-Fi comedy Daphne in the Brilliant Blue, the action adventure series Pumkin Scissors and the mystery drama series Red Garden in the UK. MVM’s Tony Allen also announced two other new titles for the UK. One was the dystopian C-Control and the other is the popular detective series Heaven’s Memo Pad.


All the Anime

All the Anime’s Andrew Partridge predominantly focused on the recent titles his distribution company had announced, however he also announced that he had required the rights to Tiger and Bunny – The Beginning. The film is both a retelling and expansion on the TV series’ story line, and its release date is yet to be confirmed. The film proved to be hugely popular at last years Scotland Loves Anime festival and should hopefully enjoy more success when it is eventually released.

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