Tenshi- Good Smile Company Review


Sculpting: 8 out of 10
Painting: 9 out of 10
Posing: 10 out of 10
Base: 7 out of 10
Packaging: 7 out of 10
Enjoyment: 10 out of 10

tenshi1 Tenshi  Good Smile Company Review

Tenshi is from the anime series Angel Beats! She’s the student council president and is quiet, cute and deadly. This version of Tenshi is from Good Smile Company and is of 1/8 scale. She was Dengekiya and GoodSmile shop exclusives, but can still be found to buy.

tenshi2 Tenshi  Good Smile Company Review

The sculpt is simple and masterful, the ruffle details in her dress looks natural and it easily creates a lovely vision of her being wind-swept. The way it pulls in just below her chest is sweet and shows more of her slender figure and graceful pose. She has two bows either side below her chest but unfortunately they appear a bit flat. The buttons are nice and really look like buttons. Around to the back of her dress the ruffle details are still continued and look great. The cut of the dress shows off the top of her back but without her wings two large holes can be spotted through her hair. These can be avoided when taking photos at certain angles.

Tenshi was originally going to be cast-off and due to this they’ve glued her dress together. It leaves a horrible seam line right down the side and it’s quite loose. You can still make her cast-off by just cutting along the seam line if desired.

tenshi3 Tenshi  Good Smile Company Review

Her wings are so big and beautiful, very angel like and do steal a lot of attention. They’re fantastically sculpted and look pristine. Some people have had to get replacement wings as they either don’t fit or sit right, luckily this Tenshi seems to have come with sturdy wings.

Tenshi’s hair also has a nice wind sweep look. The size of each strand and gap in her fringe compliments her face well and the bobble at the back looks right. A hand touches one of the strands keeping it away from her face. Her hands are delicate in appearance and each finger looks small and cute. Her body is generally small but healthy looking, the shoulders and arms are particularly pleasant.

tenshi4 Tenshi  Good Smile Company Review

The paint work is just as suburb as the sculpt. Her wings are impressive, the pure white with blue/purple shades and slightly see-through tips is just brilliant. Her dress is a pretty white to match her wings with some shading that works in unison with the sculpt. The darker blue of the bows and buttons create a great contrast along with her light lavender her. Her light maidenly coloured skin really adds to the aura of purity surrounding her. Tenshi’s base may cause issue for some as it’s a sandy brown colour and doesn’t fully work with the pale colouration.

Tenshi’s facial expression is calm and pleasant she really looks happy and content. They could have easily given her a look of indifference or sadness. It’s quite refreshing and makes her much more endearing. Her brown/yellow eyes look vivid in comparison to the rest of the colours and draws some attention. Considering her wings and charming pose it’s nice to be drawn to the face – to appreciate her fully. The blush is super adorable as well as her nose, and really finishes the contentedness.

This is a very captivating, adorable figure but as she was an exclusive, so she may cost you. What do you think? Will she be joining your collection?

Price:- £50-£95+
Where to Buy:- Eyes on Asia, Archonia, Hobby Search, Hobby Link Japan, Amiami, Otacute, play-asia, otakufuel, jlist

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