Ichinose Tokiya- Alter Review


Sculpting: 9 out of 10
Painting: 9 out of 10
Posing: 10 out of 10
Base: 8 out of 10
Packaging: 8 out of 10
Enjoyment: 10 out of 10
Price:- £45-£85+

ichinose1 Ichinose Tokiya  Alter Review

Ichinose Tokiya is from the game, manga and anime series Uta no Prince-sama. He’s really cool and seems to be rather reserved at first. This version of Ichinose is from Alter and is of 1/8 scale, he’s also a part of the ALTAiR male figure line.

IMG 0007 374x500 Ichinose Tokiya  Alter Review  IMG 0037 374x500 Ichinose Tokiya  Alter Review

The sculpt is fantastic, the wrinkle details on his top against his stomach are wonderful. They easily show off his hips and sexy muscular lines. Moving around to his back the rest of the top is hidden by his jacket but it still continues the detail, tucking in details look natural and the slight loose rippling effect is still present. The v-cut of the shirt and stylish band across his chest look pretty hot, drawing attention to his manly chest and well shaped clavicle. He’s wearing a scarf which also draws attention to his chest and the flutter detail at the tips looks kinetic and fashionable, it’s flexible too! The way it hangs under his jacket works towards him looking like he’s actually wearing the outfit, layering of clothing is quite nice.

Ichinose’s jacket appears as if he’s actually wearing it but the fluffy collar does look a bit spiky in parts. The big collar – just like his shirt – draws attention towards his chest and the scarf shows off sculpted neck bones. The back of the jacket has nice movement detail and you can spot his shoulder blades at the top, here the fluffy collar looks great. His arms look strong even though his jacket covers them up a little. The sleeve with criss/cross wrap around enhance his arm definition and the tightness of it is generally appealing. Ichinose’s glove somehow makes his hand look sensuous and with it being in front of his chest, it again draws the eyes. The wrap around his wrist has flowing bits which are flexible. His other wrist has a spiky cool wrist accessory just like Alter Ittoki Otoya.

ichnose4 Ichinose Tokiya  Alter Review

A tie wrap is around Ichinose’s waist, it’s amazingly fluttery and genuinely looks tied. The tassels look a little less in motion than the rest of it but are still impressive. It frames his body nicely and luckily doesn’t completely cover a glimpse at his bottom shape. The wrinkle details on his trousers are superb and the leg wrap matches with his arm wrap. It’s a bit of mystery how his trousers are held up as no button or any zip detailing can be seen but upon closer inspection a slight overlap is sculpted. His boots are realistic in appearance and the wrinkle detail about the ankles and his trousers tucked in strengthens the quality.

ichose2 Ichinose Tokiya  Alter Review

Ichinose’s hair is handsome and the swoosh to one side matches with the motion details in his outfit and pose. The strand details are natural and no area looks flat. They’ve done an excellent job of hiding the seam line usually present and it looks super from all angles on both facial expressions.

The paint work is masterful and the pearly shine paint really does look amazing. The shading looks great with it’s pinkish/purple and elaborates the stage fashion style. The matt black of his shirt and collar adds a nice contrast with the light colour of his jacket and trousers. The tie wrap around his waist also has pearly shine paint and that too looks wonderful. His skin shading looks even all around and even has some shading on his neck. The fluffy collar is in particularly impressive with purple throughout but not overpowering. His arm wrap has a little colour bleeding but it’s barely noticeable. The shading on his hair is marvellous, he has a nice halo ring right around and it gets darker at the tips and parting.

ichnose3 Ichinose Tokiya  Alter Review

Ichinose comes with two facial expressions, cool with a smile, and singing open mouth smile. His cool smile is handsome and enticing. With his hair across his face a nice shadow is cast, empowering a dominant look which is engaging. His lips and eyes are a lovely shape and the blue of his eyes match with his hair. The open mouth expression is more lively, his eyes are more open and he looks like he really does enjoy singing. He looks contently happy and rather charming. From certain angles it looks like he has no teeth sculpted but he does and just from below they can be seen. It’s great the way on both expressions have nose detail and his lips are nicely defined. Both expressions have a manly charm yet his singing face hinting at childlike enjoyment.

This figure of Ichinose is splendid, a handsome man with great appeal and a presence about him. What do you think? Has Ichinose stolen your heart yet?

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