Anime Picks News Roundup 10/1/14


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new anime season Anime Picks News Roundup 10/1/14

This week’s DVD releases: Eureka Seven AO Part 1, Naruto Unleashed Complete Series 1, Naruto Unleashed Complete Series 2


new anime season2 Anime Picks News Roundup 10/1/14

Anime news:

  • MVM Entertainment have announced 3 new releases for 2014. The first is Accel World in which a bullied teenager escapes into a virtual reality fighting game where he discovers that he’s incredibly good at it and sets about climbing to the top of the pile. The second is We Without Wings which is adapted from a visual novel and follows a selection of different protagonists and relationships whose stories get evermore intertwined. The third is Chrome Shelled Regios in which humanity must defend itself from contaminated lifeforms using weapons named DITE from their bases of huge mobile cities called Regios. You can see the announcement post here.
  • As always the start of the new anime season is accompanied by a spree of announcements from Crunchyroll about what they are simulcasting. Here are the titles that are available in the UK as it stands:


  1. Saki – The Nationals - Sequel to the original series Saki (also available on Crunchyroll from the same link) which follows the exploits of a team of high school girls as they battle their way through the national mahjong tournament.
  2. Recently, My Sister is Unusual – A regular high school boy begins a new chapter of his life when his new step-sister moves in with him. However she is soon possessed by a ghost who wishes to force her to fall in love with her new brother in order to pass on to the next world.
  3. Mushi-shi Special – Ginko, a ‘Mushi-shi’, travels around the country in order to learn more about the supernatural creatures ‘Mushi’ and helps those afflicted by them
  4. Nobunaga the Fool – In a completely different universe from our own, two stars are constantly in a state of conflict and the story follows the exploits of Nobunaga Oda who is destined to unite the realm. Battle is done with giant mechs and various characters such as Joan of Arc and Leonardo da Vinci are encountered along the way.
  5. The Pilot’s Love Song – A prince whose country is being torn apart by war is forced to leave everything he knows behind and set out on a journey with thoughts of revenge in his mind.
  6. Tonari no Seki-kun: The Master of Killing Time – At the back of the classroom a boy, Seki-kun, is never paying attention and all the while concocting more and more elaborate ways to pass the time during lessons, ranging from outlandish domino arrangements to battle reenactments on his desktop. Meanwhile the girl next to him is distracted by his antics and is the only one punished by the teachers.
  7. Soni-Ani: Super Sonico the Animation – A series starring Super Sonico, the mascot of visual novel producers Nitro+.
  8. Seitokai Yakuindomo * – Second series of a 4-panel adaptation following the exploits of a school’s student council consisting of three girls and only one boy. Dirty humour abounds.
  9. Wooser’s Hand-to-Mouth Life: Awakening Arc – Continuation of Wooser’s Hand-to-Mouth Life (also available on Crunchyroll) which follows the adventures and mischief of adorable mascot character Wooser who is in truth a glutton for meat, money and girls.
  10. Hozuki no Reitetsu - Hozuki, the calm yet sadistic aide to the king of hell, spends his time resolving various issues that arise in the king’s domain and fawning over cute animals. From Attack on Titan’s Studio WIT.
  11. Strange+ – A boy heads to the big city in search of his brother who ran away from home, and ends up getting involved with a private detective agency where he becomes their dogsbody.
  12. Witch Craft Works – An average high school boy gets to sit next to the most popular girl in his school, though that’s as far as their relationship goes until one day when his life is in danger she appears dressed as a witch to save him and swears to protect him from harm henceforth.
  13. Onee-chan ga Kita – When a 13-year-old boy’s father remarries he finds himself with a new 17-year-old step-sister who falls madly in love with him.
  14. Magical Warfare – A high school boy with a dark past comes across a strange girl who has collapsed on campus. As it transpires she is a magician and has also turned him into a magician, whereupon he discovers a whole new world of magic previously unbeknownst to him.
  15. Silver Spoon 2 – Following on from last year’s first season (you can read our review here) this series from the creator of Fullmetal Alchemist continues the adventures of students at an agricultural boarding school as they learn and experience new things.
  16. Z/X IGNITION – An anime adaptation of the Z/X card game set in the near future that sees the opening of five portals to parallel worlds where the inhabitants of each world will break out all the stops to ensure their own survival.
  17. Wake Up, Girls! – A talent agency that once hit the big time is now on the verge of bankruptcy. As a last hope they plan to produce an idol group, which turn out to be the seven girls “Wake Up, Girls.” The accompanying movie Wake Up, Girls! – Seven Idols will also be available to premium members.
  18. Nobunagun -  In the present day a girl finds herself dragged into an invasion by monstrous creatures who can only be defeated by E-Gene Holders – these fighters use weapons imbued with the spirit of historical figures such as Nobunaga Oda and Jack the Ripper.
  19. Wizard Barristers – In the year of 2018 wizards and humans live alongside one another, and whilst the police serve regular society wizards are held accountable to laws of magic and are defended in special courts by wizard barristers. The series follows the exploits of the youngest ever wizard barrister and her huge magical potential.


  •  Anime Limited dropped a bit of a news bomb yesterday detailing release dates and expected prices for the majority of their 2014 titles, along with a tease of 17 new licenses on the way and announcement of a US/UK cross-region Kickstarter set to launch in a week or so – exciting times! Too many titles, dates and prices to list here so head on over to the post on their site here.


new anime season3 Anime Picks News Roundup 10/1/14

Misc news:

  • For those of you indulging in Crunchyroll’s relatively new manga service, the site has just added three more ‘simulpubs’ to its lineup. These are Inside Mari where a man spends his leisure time following a high school girl home, Silver Nina where a man returns to the country after losing his job to find a beautiful girl with silver hair in his family home, and Love Theory which follows a hopeless man’s quest to snag his ideal woman. New chapters for each will be updated every 1st and 3rd Monday with the back catalogs being added at a later date.

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